Coronary Stents

Over and Under® Pericardium Covered Stent (PCS)

Over and Under® PCS is a unique stent, designed to set a barrier between the blood vessel wall and its lumen. Over and Under® Pericardium Covered Stent (PCS) is indicated for post PTCA treatment of Saphenous Vein Graft (SVG) stenosis, aneurysms and for emergency situations such as perforations. Read more>>>

Premier Coronary Stent System

the Premier™ Coronary Stent System is an innovative new coronary stent for use in the revascularization of stenosed coronary blood vessels.The Premier stent reduces the effects of metal irritation on the artery to a minimum, and thereby decreases both short and long term restenosis, as well as the prominence of adverse cardiac events. Read more>>>