The IC-PRO System

All In One 3D Imaging Platform

The IC-PRO’s innovative technology maximizes the use of data obtained from standard angiograms; the result is anadvanced, comprehensive image-guided therapy workstation.This unique vendor-independent, PC-based workstation is a modular platform designed for existing and new applicationupgrades and feature expansion. Interfaces with hospital-based picture archiving computer systems (PACS) enable reportdistribution and archiving, as well as uploading of archived studies for off-line reviewing and post-procedural analyses.
The CardiOp-B system performs 3D reconstruction of coronary arteries in real-time using two standard angiography images. As a quantitative tool, CardiOp-B performs measurements based on 3D vessel analysis, overcoming confounding factors such as foreshortening and tortuosity. Accurate 3D visualization and quantitative data assist in determining the optimal treatment strategy and selecting interventional devices.



CardiOp-B calculates vessel and stenosis parameters such as diameter, length, eccentricity and angulation. The system analyzes complex anatomies, such as bifurcations and tortuous lesions

Clinical Benefits

Accurate, non-foreshortened lesion length measurements for device sizing
3D appreciation of vessel tortuosity
Bifurcation and side branch visualization and analysis
Projection-independent cross-section and stenosis diameter calculation

Procedure Planning


Optimizes device selection, procedure planning, and position adjustment using virtual stenting technology. Enables optimal device selection based on 3D measurements, provides a virtual display of the selected device on 2D and 3D reference images and assists in determining its optimal position.



Real-time, automatic device visualization during positioning in multiple-stenting scenarios. Enables easy and accurate positioning for bifurcation stenting, consecutive stenting and post-deployment inflation.



Automated real-time enhancement and analysis of deployed stent. Provides an immediate, non-invasive solution for detection of stent under-expansion by improved visualization and analysis. Additional analysis tool provides image fusion of the automatically detected contrast filled vessel edges and the visually enhanced stent image.